my noob pure
this is my pure stats and picture i only started 2 and a half weeks ago that not including the time i went on holiday cus i was able to play
rate also bear in mind ive been playing for 2 and a half weeks

What’s with the range lvls?
The prayer’s fine…w00t protect items!

i got bored hence the range lvl but prayer aint even that good

Prayer’s the pwnage…

he would prbly be lv 32 or 31 without the range lvs

u trainde prayer and range… its not a pure just a filthy noob. lol
and btw, ur signature is completley disgustin g and innapropraite please remove it

nice…try getting the strength higher ; )

You people are brain dead…His ranged wont raise his combat until around 45, his prayer is horrable and it should be atleast 31, his defense is 10…thats not pure thats just a noob account with low defense, if you want to be called “pure” atlest keep it lower than 5.

o im sorry mod andrew!
who do you think you are
no1 is perfect u wait till i raise my lvls u “foob” i will wup u all over dark knights castle

Tsk tsk tsk this topic is starting to have some flaming on it… Lol anyways I think you should have kept your defense lower, bryman, if you wanted to be a better “pure.” Sadly I’m the first person to rate it… Lol so I give it an 8/10 :slight_smile: