My nooby bank!

Well it occured to me today that I hadnt posted my bank in quite a while so here it is. I only showed my best items as the rest of my bank is comprised of cheap plastic stuff like quest items :slight_smile: Don’t be to harsh!

edit: fixed the picture sorry lol

not bad…i like the scythe (hence my name)

lol your preview p00ns my entire bank lol

nice ranging boots and robin hood hat (i like ranging but im not hi lvl range) 8/10

I cant see it, its all blurry

click on the thumbnail nooblet

i like the robin hood hat…and the ranger boots and the mime stuff…

pretty nice like the scyte and mime clothes best :slight_smile:


Lol your a richer version of me. But im a better ranger :stuck_out_tongue:

Pfft, I want a scythe :frowning: but I’ll never get one.

Anyway, be brave! Show your whole bank! I did, and an angry mob only chased me 2 or 3 miles!

~ ewok

Lol…beats my f2p bank.

thats pretty good…all thoose dragon weponds scare me…lol

save up and buy yourself one :stuck_out_tongue: jk lol.
No seriously all the other stuff is complete crap that noone would ever want to have let alone look at.

One man’s treasure is another man’s trash.

Probably most of what people call “junk” and “clutter” in my bank is actually very useful to me, ie. hammers, chisels, lucky bronze bar, etc…

Meh, I like my bank just the way it is, whenever I need a rope or a bronze arrow, it’s always there. Whenever I look at quets items, I remember past experiences :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

I did, its still really blurry

great job coolio

Probably the kind of things I would have if I was a member

Killers bank! Nice Mime and Scythe, and Robin and Rangers, you me and Pureking should go around with our robin hood hats and be the merry men!

that certainly is not a noob bank buddy…10/10

nice bank, specially when ur rockin the zamorak staff and book! (V) - zammy symbol