My not so good fakes

Out of 10 please :slight_smile:
Not v good but im not a gd faker


Lol, I love the first one, but the bank pic is a bit iffy-diffy.

~ ewok

The first one is f-u-n-n-y!!!
Th second one is good but the items look like they “have” been put on… so 7/10
*and mrparris, really awesome signature

6/10 it okay

That top one is alright, whats fake about 2nd?

the the second one is a fake or ru joking? anyways the funny part is that thats actually what blinks bank looks like

lol i like the first one…the second one i guess is fake…

First one = hehe nice
second = not bad, but my real bank is better than that fake one :stuck_out_tongue:

lol nice i like em all

cool. i like the halo like one

the first one is good the second one …