my official sig seller

ok who wants this sigs ill give u the adress
the adress is
the adress is
the adress is

i dont understand…what is this?

im giving free sigs

do you make sigs for people?

because ill take one…

yes i can giv u one for free

ok if you would the wolf’s backround with a runescape char full rune if possible or full black (g) would be nice… and the text in your sig… if possible if not leave it the same… quote at bottom… Death in the form of a Demon… and some text Att: 55 / Str: 63 / Def: 50 / Combat: 70

if you know how to do fading could you use all my stats?
Exception of members stats and runecrafting, firemaking… for now…

Please put + on Woodcut if fading is used same with mining and smithing and crafting.

if that so i shall give it tomorrow

ok pm me it… please…

umm in order to do that i need to get your pic first of yourself wearing the armour that u want i cant make one sig that doesn’t really show your real armor

i dont have the full black (G)… im sure someone will have it around runescape some where… if not just put a sword or something in there… just make it look professional… :slight_smile: dont worry too much im not picky…

i like the 2nd one down ill take it :smiley:

Thats gay

I am using the wolf one but i dont know how you set up a sig.

how do you make animation like that?

How is your business going?