my pic

im so seckz eh?

Lol nice hair.Lol,you want to show your abs,that’s why you’re not wearing a shit,ypu poser :stuck_out_tongue:

lol i sure am a poser eh? and yes my hair is VERY seckz

We have the same hair style.
Mine is a bit shorter :frowning:

im very seckz and me and arimosa look alike

That’s exactly what i was going to say.
That you look like Arimosa.

lmao u said shit instead of shirt rofl
sorry for the off topic just found that funny
lol and nice cause alot of kids in my school have that same hair due, i feel like im being tooken over by clones 0.o

Too long hair, too skinny (you can see every bone in your body? lol :P) Cool pic anyways :tongue:

~:crazy: spartan

Your hairs too long, and put a shirt on ;
Cool pic though.

really, put some clothing on Mister!

we dont really want to see ur body…

other than that, nice piccie lol

cool pic ipc. YOu msut be cold, it looks like its raining lol. Whats ur name btw? And how old u look pretty old.

he looks 15.

btw, get some biceps man. lol jk

yeah i was thinking like 16-17

Lol. Don’t you guys think you’ve been looking at that pic too long? Um…long hair. I’m not a fan of long hair.

i was 17 in that pic, nah i dont need biceps im a cross country runner…im 18 now and im a junior riht now yea it just got done raining i think…yea. oh my names evan but i rlly dont like that name so i go by my middle…patrick…mmhmm lol

just like ratox said put a shit on

mmk next time i take a crap ill rub it on me and take a pic?

no offence but i hate it like on myspace when guys pictures are like half naked, its just eww…thats wrong like to poor to own a t-shirt?

dude ur hair looks like a pile of dog crap u slapped on lmao

okay? ur cool?