My Pixel WIP

This is the background so far. I am terrible at drawing people :frowning:

If anyone has some text and a buddy they want to put in, I would be glad to add it and sell it for a lower price.

The “ARCHAS” doesnt look that good =P
Use a font, instead of hand drawing it =P

The ‘Archas’ is there instead of ‘Sample’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Edited by Archas


not bad but i agree get rid of the archas

The ‘Archas’ is like ‘Sample’…

You only put the text over one colour so it would be VERY easy to rip.

yea that would be pretty easy to steal, but its not to complicated and you might not be able to sell it for anything. Also did you take the skull from runescape? If not thats a really good skull.