My Post Count...

As many of you have discovered, I did mess around with my post count a little just for fun when I was working in the database yesterday. However rest assured that I know, as does anyone else, that Keyser was the first to 10,000 posts, and is the highest poster ever on RSR.

I originally just did it as a small practical joke on Keyser, so now I’m reversing my post count to something less, because in reality I could care less about my post count.

Note: Changes in individual post counts have nothing to do with overall statistics, its just a value that every user has in the database, and when you make a post it simply adds 1 to that value. I also am the only admin with the power to make these changes, no other admin does.

Wow! Okay, I thought the admin was jealous…well, back to 2 posts!

2 posts…AAAHHH!!!

i kinda of thought jealous and a joke…but wat ever u say

I think it took guts (and some admin power) to change it to three posts. I didn’t care much how many you had though.

Where are your crowns Duke?

And when I click “Find out more posts by Duke Atreide”,it shows all the original posts.

To myself, post count doesn’t matter a bit, its why I dont care if my post count is 1 or 100,000. After all, its what you say in those posts that count, although I have to admit Keyser does have a lot of good things to say, almost beat my real post count by 3x.

The post count is just a value in your user profile that can be changed, so I just chagned the number. All my posts are still here, just the number next to my name isn’t.

lol, thats funny, I bet people that see you think you ip banned yourself or something, lol.

Where are your crowns though?

That is, really, a very modest thing for you to do, Duke. And funny little joke you played on Keyser :smiley:

lol it would have been really annoying to kesyer if u like kept 1 post ahead of him every time, so no matter wat, he cant beat u but hes sooooo close

Fixed the crowns problem, turns out the default value for the admin rank is 100 posts as well, changed that back to 1 so I get my 3 shiny crowns back. :slight_smile:

Not a bad idea, put in the code

Keyser + 1

Imagine how fast my post count would grow!

Many people though you were trying to take away Keysers “Glory” for making 10k postsbut as you’ve explained it was only a joke. It was good of you to explain it :slight_smile:

That’d be funny, but then it would kinda be not funny after a while…

That is exactly the way I see it. I have always wondered why people think that post-count means you’re better than someone else. Any spammer could get lots of posts…

Haha, I am blinded by the brightness of your crowns, oh so great Duke Atreide.

The post count, really, just shows how active you are on the forum.

Lol, 5 posts. :slight_smile:

I am sure Keyser would take it as a joke since he is so nice of a person :). Thats funny of you, I never seen your humorous side :smiley:

Not exactly. Someone could come on for an hour, and spam a whole bunch. But then if someone comes on for two hours, doesn’t get many posts, but they are thoughtfull, meaningfull posts. That person gets my respect.