my progress during 4 months of rs (really)

these levels account for more than half of my rs career

im not sure but i think the oldest 1 dates from dec. 2004

it took me half an hour to piece this together so please post!!

i’ve been playing for 4 months 2!!!
Check my sig.
Bear in mind i also have full addy (t) and granite maul 8) 8)

well…i didnt say that i ws playing for 4 months

u count

i started in august 2004

oh and the combat lv is really good for 4 months

for the record i just bought my forst rare(if u can call it that) item(s)

full addy (g)

ya i no its lame

congratz on ur hard work =)

i feel so humiliated, i had my acount for over 2 and a hal years and i am olny level 58 =(

You started the same time i did, in august!!
Congrats on all those levels! 8)

u been playin for 7 months and that is pretty good i bin playin for 5 and a bit months i total lvl 628n and have 1.1mil

i have been playing for around 6 months… i stopped in between and my combat lvl is 64… plus i go to school, but urs is very kewl!!!

Ive been playing for 4 Months…

582 overall
61 combat

minning 51
smithing 38

fishing and cooking 63

woodcutting 52

im still f2p hopefully i can become p2p – i have full addy (t) (had (g) but lost it and had rune but lost it)

You guys Stink!

I started In November 2004 so that is about 4 months as well

I have a mask set allong with tons of other high valued items

And here are my stats

i start start of september 2004, combat-84 , total lvl - 1334

dats cool dats cool (lyer) :smiley: :!: :!: :o :smiley: :!:

u got a prob with my stats then dont post

and also thanks everybody!!

cibola what r ure stats?

ive been playing like 2 months and i have granite maul better stats ect.

allthough i was home sick with mono…

I started at October 2nd, and here are my stats :

wow thats realy good in bout 4 months i only got my range from 1 to 51 but thats amazing :slight_smile:

good for you :stuck_out_tongue:

ive been playing for 2 n a half years n im lvl 97 but i took alota breaks in between :lol:

this is making me depressed…i started in july and look

lol… i started sometime ago, but i don’t play rs that often… my stats suck… anyhow, good stats…

its not really that hard to get those levels in 4 months but 7/10.