My pure and his bank

Current goals:

Range-50/70 (Currently training on hobgoblins at the crafting guild from across the water)
Mage-55/59(Not training at the moment)
Hp-46/60+(I’d like to get it around 65)

Rate ?/10 please?

were nice range/mage pure 8/10…why melee wepeons in bank…I suggest get rid of them so not tempted to lvl melee

I’m on world 1 selling them as we speak. I got them from pking anyways.

are you going to get attack and strength? nice pure i would rate 8/10

Wow, nice range and mage pure! You should make him a hybrid, but hey, the lower the combat the better :wink:

I think he got the melee weapons from pks.

edit:wow, 4 people-same time post : O

If you get over being “pure” (were not in nazi germany) then you should take those melee wepons and train your defence so you can wear d’hide body plus that is a good way to raise hp.

Umm, I’m kind of confused over your first comment, but there’s no way I’m getting def on a lvl 38, mabye if I ever get 80 range I’ll get 40 def.

Very nice mage/range hybird. I would suggest selling the Rune Weapons and buying more arrows or runes. You could make a good F2P hybird out of him but if you don’t want to fine.

nice mange pure there hope you get some nice ownage in wilderness

give me the skims and 2hs so i can pk more!!!
phree stoof plox!!!
lol nice bank and pure i would suggesting tho when u get 59 mage and 70+ range to get about 70 strength with 40 att
it doesnt really raise combat and it is well worth it when you hit like 20 with 2h for the ko after owning some1 with your immense range.
they are the hardest opponent for me to fight in teh wild

nice man im thinking of starting like a lvl 30 cb pure :slight_smile:

Lol dude i’d keep def as low as possible, nice pker 9/10

nice bank nd pure is it gona be like 70ranged mager?

Got mage to early, that means combat wont be too good.

u “will” own a lot of people in the wild