My Pure Range Pker.

This Is My OTHER Account.

Dizzy Archer.

rate plz.

man thats wicked cool

Why woudl anyone put ur pure ranger on ebay lol

nice but i dont like rangers they make me mad :twisted:

becuse its a pure ranger, some peeps like them lol.

problem is, u cna’t wear dragon armor, or even studded leather armor for that fact. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Yeah, duckies got a really good point. I would say 7/10 because of the problem duckie pointed out. But either way, i bet you can still own people in the wild :twisted:

yes i can wear dragon armour, i can wear red dragon chaps and legs (only dragonhide bodies need 40 def to wear)

You need attack, strength, and defense to be a good ranger. You know that right?

lmfao, no i dont need that atall…its lvl’s you too much.

i seem to be doing fine as i have 5 sets of black, 6 red, 17 blue, 11 green, and 34 magic shorts…hmmm not bad atall.

10/10 for that combat

He owns me 5/5!

for some reason i cant c the pic

hehe tnks guys, ill get him to 75 range soon :slight_smile: then ill own lol.

Why you making him? for fun i guess. I got a pure mage he owns too. But i just don’t wanna pay more money for another member.

Sup is that ur pure dizzyarcher? if it is i was wondering if u remembered l33t fyr3<- which is my pure archer heres his stats.

do ppl really sell their runescape characters on ebay? how much are ppl payin for these accounts?

Why do pure rangers have high magic level as well? Wouldn’t that raise your combat level also?

ur kinda a bad ranger becouse its the ranged lvl and the def lvl what makes a good ranger. i give u a 5/10. good ranged on ur combat but the def needs to get up

W00t almost ranged lvl up :smiley:

its a pure “archer”< key word, u dont need defense cuz u own without it