my pure

currently i have 44 range 43 mage 50 hp 55 strength 40 attack 25 prayer what should i change?(MEMBERS NOW WOOTZ0R!!)

Keep working on that strength level.

31 prayer and that^ =)

Since your p2p now, after like 60 str go for 60 attack and do Lost City. Get 50 ranged and then if you can 60. I’d definatley go for 60 mage also for mage arena. Hope it helps a bit

ummm whats mage arena?

You could also do Monkey Madness, Ogo did it with his hybrid. So, just work on strength, attack, and whatever else I would say. Good luck =P

It’s a members quest so your able to use God spells like Sara strike, flames or zamorack and guthix claws. Mage arena is in level 54 wildy. Very fun quest if i must say. :smiley: