My pures vid and lvl up - whip time

Got 70 att :slight_smile:

A pk I didnt bother posting:

A noob started folowing me with a drag dagger, he and his mage friend teamed him…I ko’d him for dagger. (was walking up to green drags, I take super att and str for occasions like that).

cool!!! wat is his combat level?

movie never worked but gratz on 70 att :))))

2nd post :slight_smile:

now ur gonna be really ownage with dds and whips hehe

gratz on 70 and can i buy that dds?

i need mine soz :mad:

=( reallyed needed one but only 49 attack so might tkae 3 days

took me a day to get from 45-60 attack.

nice job m8

woot,good luck with ur whip and whip some people with ur whipper whip,lol nice attack lvl and kill

Man nice tellys! Nice idea to PK with lobs too.

nice also congratz on 70 att go for the whip now!

Its obvious who didnt read the post :loser:

lol i hate noobs who dont read the post they just type something for no reason they are idiots

he was training

In the middle of the wild? There isnt a monster in site.

Yep, training is just an excuse o.O but I know what he’s going to say next “he was walking to where he was training”.