my ranger problem

im make a pure ranger cause ive been hearing they are the best, the only problrm i have is wheni get 30 ranged im gonna wanna wear the green dragon hide armour, readin the quest quide for dragon slayer it says i get def and str xp and i want only ranged. im thinking about doing it anyway but im just not sure how much that will mess up my pure ranger if i do the quest,

any advise?

just go all out range if your combat is going to be 40 and under… if you rlooking at 50+ combat then you should train your defence too… and you dont need str to wear green dragonhide

I think your better off not getting the strength xp from dragonslayer. Just wear dragonhide vambraces and chaps and wear a studded chest. you need a good defense and if your gonna work on prayer dotn waste your time unless your getting all the way to 43 or else its a waste