My Recent PK's

I’m 65 Ranging 76 Combat

a lvl 99 warrior

and this is what i kept

but he protected his Scimitar :mad:

this pk was on a little lvl 56 warrior
he didn’t stand a chance kill him within 6 shots

this pk was on a hopeless lvl 69 warrior

and i also will be posting more pks later on!


Not too bad for a nonmember… that rune stuff looks real good.
Keep on pking!

that was just from this morning too! :smiley:

Awesomeness… That level 99 mustve been tough =\

Yeah, whats your combat? I have a 33, 44, and a 80 if you’d like to pk some time.

my first post tells my Range lvl and Combat lvl (at very top of post)

Oh…Darn, my level 46 has 70. Well, maybe once you raise up your combat a little bit we can team.

:slight_smile: i just pked a lvl 40 at greater demons nothing dropped but i forgot to take pic

Luvs it looks through envied eyes

nice pks and drops :slight_smile: