-=- My Recovery on its way -=-

Well many of u know ive lost over 60m , got hacked

well i was gonna start merchanting again, but since too many people are doing it, i thought of becoming rich through lvl 3 clues

well im going to be killing Jellies, and im not gonna wear ring of wealth, its always bad luck for me.

Trip 1

Rune helmet – Jelly
Rune helmet- Jelly
Rune helmet - Jelly

No clue

Trip 2

Rune helmet- Jelly


Rune battle axe
Rune pickaxe
Black d hide legs
21 bloods
46 laws
13 lobsters

Trip 3

-=- 80 STR -=-

Clue no 2

Trip 4

About to go

Good luck on making your come back. Wish you all the luck. First post too.

Thankz, how much are enchated tops?

nice in the second pic, it says you pking somebody did he drop anything?

oh nad gratz on 80 str

Yeh i pked him, but i was at bank when the message came up, he had blk hide, but couldnt be bothered going finding him.

Good luck getting all that cash back!

Ty, it will take mnths.

ooo nice profit so far and wot lvl r jellies

Jellies are level 78

Wow, good luck, hopefuly you’ll regain you 60m!

Well I’m sorry to hear you got hacked (I know somewhat how you feel, was scammed 40M). I’ve been doing barrows and made some nice cash, maybe you should try it…

Yeh ill try barrows out, thanks for the advise jeffman, ill get 100 p pots and hope for guthan spear lol

wtf does rune helmet-jelyl mean, is that all u got?

It means that the Jelly dropped a rune full helm…

Wow man, That’s some good progress. Why did you turn down a whip and 1m cash?


good luck, brother from another mother

hope you recover quickly and you should try barrows like jeff said and use a slayer staff

NICE DUDE, What are jellies :stuck_out_tongue:


Read my Barrows guide and you will know exactly what to do if you actually decide to go, its some nice profit.

At the end of the day , ill have to pay them back, so i decided to make money myself rather then getting help