My Road To 60 Crafting

So my road to 60 crafting is thus:

I just bought 2.5k hard leather off of someone on the rs forums at 300 each.

I bought 1.5k thread from the shop (took me a long time).

1.5k hard leather bodies will get me to 60 crafting (my crafting is now 57).

After 60 crafting i mgiht buy another 1k thread to get to 61, or i mgiht sell the 1k hard leather.

I’ll be putting pics of lvl ups on this so any bumping would be appreciated. (If it’s legal)

Dude you dont need 1 thread for each leather you know

-each thread makes about 5

Are you sure, i did 1 load and didn’t really look at the thread, i’m not going bck on til tomorow though so i find out tomorow, that’s very helpful though thanks.