My RS Fan site

Well, been taking some time developing a RS fan site. Nothing much more to say about it, you are jsut going to have to check it out yourself :slight_smile:

i recomend no one goes on this site b/c its all auto bots. im informing a mod to see if it cant be locked

Not all auto bots. There are clients and other things for rs2… by clicking the link at first you agree to enter agree to see whats inside.

If there are auto bots inside of the site it is almost like Rs Contraband…illegitamit

If you are affiliated with any government group, Jagex LTD, Formerly worked for either or have malicious intent you can not read anything here on this website. Furthermore you can not access anything pertaining or hosted on this server or domain. Nor may you threaten to file law suits of any kind towards its users, this sites provider, or its Owner. If you pursue such activities then you are not agreeing to these terms and you are violating code 431.322.12 of the internet privacy act signed by Bill Clinton in 1995. Furthermore the owner does not take ownership of any programs on this site. All programs are provided as is and the owner is not liable for anything incorporated into these programs. If you fall into any of these categories please leave now or you will be violating these terms.

Lol, of course its all illegal. Its begging: PLease, if you are with the government, Jagex, or peope who play Runescape “legit”, dont enter.

Wow, something semi-decent Clinton did, Nice quote btw, where did you get it?

Must be the thing you have to agree to to get in.