My School Compared to a Nazi Camp

Seriously… I have been thinking recently, and my school is getting more and more like a nazi camp. First, my principal’s is Doctor Snyder (Its a lady), there was a nazi women named Snyder in Indiana Jones. Then, they give us 6 digit codes, about 1/4 of the students, wrote the code on there arm, with either an A for American, or a Star of David.

 Awhile back, my friend opened a door, during a Football Game, and he got kicked out for "breaking and entering". That was bull****.. pardon the language for you children. Our vice-principal is Thieman (pronounced tee-men)

Thieman rhymes with what word?

 and you think your school is crazy.

thats kinda funny… they seriously anti semitist though?

in my school the teachers eat naughty kids :frowning:

I dont think they are… There not really nazi’s or else we would have killed them already.

Ooo Ooo Parris is looking! YAY PARRIS! lol…

He-man? Lol I have no idea.

Hitler’s reincarnation is a teacher in my school.

:expressio :sour: i know what you meen…

All schools are slave camps.

Well my german teacher is a spawn of satan, beat that.

Agreed. :slight_smile:

mt frence teacher is a spawn of the child of hitler and satan

Why not just the spawn of the unholy union of Hitler and Satan? That works just as well.

lol, i hate skool, ther is summthing about it. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrmm, its complete and utter CRIPE!

Thats one of those life experiences that just remind of you other happenings. Its odd, how the mind can show you this, when you think about it…

If people didn’t go to school and get educated then the world would not be where it is today. No Runescape, TV etc.

Actually the only people in history who went to school were the creator of the computer, the creator of the television, and Andrew lol

Yeah, school to me is nothing more than a factory to turn blank paper and scantrons into trash. And ppl into trash, can’t forget about that.

I’m starting to treasure time spent in school.
Think about it… No bill paying, worrying about finances, driving around the place, friends in school.
After school, you may never see these people again.

MisterPee is watching! Takes a picture

Wow…so is everyone at my school. School is basicly a way for adults to tell children “Ha ha! We screwed you over. Thats the way its gonna be so get used to it.”

As for the Nazi one. Kids at my school wear crap like the swastica but maybe I might have been mistaken. All schools have gangs or some problem. My only advice for you is to somehow complain about it.

lol… If someone wore a swastica into my school, the Principal would probably usher him/her into her office, and they’d come out doin’ the nazi walk.

As for horrible spelling boy, who said school is Cripe… Please… LEARN SOME GRAMMAR.

School is a place where parents put their kids then they go off doing stuff :yes: And middle school is just something for kids to do between elementary and high school :yes: