My Screenshot Sig

It’s sort of big, but when I make it smaller and then add it on, there’s this big white space at where I cropped and cut stuff. How do I get rid of the big white space?

Crop it down more!! Gosh…lol

its a bid big but not bad

lol its ok. the girls r so weird now…
and yeah crop a little more.

This is how you crop something…
The red circle shows you what to move to make the canvas smaller.

Dangit, you beat me to it zap. I was just gona do that.

So that’s really all cropping is… Wow I crop images a lot. Lol anyways spectrumkidd cool signature you got with your character in it =)


CaptainZap how did u post a pic like that without usein a internet browser?

Yet another picture…

Press that button then go to Paint and go up to Edit then go to Paste. And there you have it.

ok thx guys