My Shiny New Ring

Har Har Har

is that a berserker ring

No its a Ranger Ring.

And my look is almost like that. Except I like to use D hide.

Archer ring acually.

Edit- cool, range lvl?

nice how much is it worth
woot finally 1k posts

Awwww… Man I want that so bad. Though I myself also prefer D’ Hide.

I bought for 2.2m

Edit(again)- Karil looks cexier

Oh sorry, I usually say Ranger Ring or like Seers I call Mage Ring.

Thats beside the point though lol.

82 Range you?

2.2M. Hmmm yeah I would spend that much. Does it have any requirments to wear it?

78, but I have lots of time to catch you :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit-no req.

what does it do? BTW, gratz!

whats the range bonus on it???

Like +10 i think, IDK
And it gives me range bonus LOL

lol you know what i mean…that doesnt seen like a lot of bonus for 2.2 mil…

Every bonus is nice :slight_smile:

kool new ring man its shiny

OWNAGE M8 Congratz cool outfit i agree karils ownz.

ooo very nice how much did it cost?
or did u get it from a drop?

how much time did it take to get all those arrows?

Thanks, it cost 2.2m.

Edit- I bought them (i have another 20k in bank)