My Shop!

Seeing as how everyone here is making a shop I decided to make one myself. I am an up and coming sig maker and here is what you need to fill out to get your hands on one of my non-Famous sigs!

Type: (Smile/avatar/Sig/render/banner/ect.)

Style(for sigs): (Abstract/Grunge/Sparkly Tech/Tech/Photomanip/ect.)
Render:(link needed)
2nd Text:
Font: (Needed!Click [here]( for one.)
Render inside the text: yes or no (optional)

Same as sig: yes or no
Render inside the text: yes or no (optional)
Type:(see sig types)
Render: (put link here!)
Picture that needs to be rendered: (Put a link here!)
Anything Else:

I will post the prices here. And Yes the will be lower than those other guys because Im da greatest and I’m not greedy




If no one orders the premades I will use them myself or I will give them away to a friend (possibly another sig maker ex: Malibubrad or Alias)



No Render (has to be good quality or I’m not doing it)
No Order Form (The whole thing has to be filled out)
There Also Must Be a Link to the Font!

am i ever gonna get my free abstract gift

Omg how many sigs do you have already anyways? I have made you one before. If you want one then I will make you one later. Not right now.

Style(for sigs): (Abstract/Grunge/Sparkly Tech/Tech/Photomanip/ect.) Abstract
Render:(link needed) NONE
Text: Pujols050
Font: Go wild…
Colors: Purple
Render inside the text: yes or no (optional) Nope.


I will post the prices here. And Yes the will be lower than those other guys because Im da greatest and I’m not greedy

not lower than mine :wink:

ill take a banner pl0z

Name: Runscape Paradise
Type: Phomanip
Render: and cool picture of a beach

Style(for sigs):Sparkly Tech
Text:Support Our Troups
2nd Text:
Colors:army colors
Render inside the text: no
other:maby like that box thing uve been doing

Banner Name:RE B OTCH
Type:grung color main is black and red as secondary

hope this dosent cost me too much :frown:

I need both of these plz 1s for my bro

Mu hahahahahaha! I have finished it!


My glow effect helped with the sig didn’t it?

Anyways I will only start charging on things that are hard like banners. Depends for sigs if its a hard type for me (abstract and sparkly tech are easy hint hint)

Borito: I need a render. I don’t know if you know but its very hard for a sig maker to just find a render and use it. Its easier if you give me a render otherwise it might take a while.

Jc: I doubt it will cost you a lot. Maybe 25k for the whole thing? Or maybe it might be free…with me you never know…

:0 your awesome at sigs

Wow! Nice! ty :slight_smile:

the sig you made for pujols is pretty kool

Oops. Sorry I kinda forgot to do yours. Let me finish it tonight or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow because I have a test tomorrow and I gotta study.

lol i sorta figured its ok :wink:

Ya Im sorry. If I can finish studying and my homework I can do your sig. I will upload it and also save it as a psd so I can edit it if it needs to be.

i dont mind when u get it done just as long as you do get it done :wink: you can take your time i want it to be perfect lol i know it will be cause you own at sigs

Here it is. I am guessing since it didn’t have your name on it anyone can use it?


Just so everyone knows that if you order today that I will do your order today. Please give me a render if you want one because I am horrible at picking renders. I have alot of free time today because tomorrow I am off to Los Angeles.

Style(for sigs): Grunge
Render:(link needed)
Text: Little Conqueror
Font: I am terrible at picking fonts… Pick one plz.=D
Colors: Green, possibly?
Render inside the text: yes or no (optional) ???. No,I guess.


Are you sure grunge? I could save that one and a psd file but for that pic I don’t know about grunge. I’ll try it though.

Also Pujols I can try and do the same thing I did for JC’s sig because It doens’t take long.

Pic any type you want, just make it good :wink:

As for JC?

You mean this ^ one?
No, I don’t like the quality on it, no offense though.

:o. Lol thats the way its supposed to look. Somewhat creamy like. I can try grunge though.