my short videos at duel arena

here they are

and another one

if you scroll down the page… and click free then scroll down
and it should say that it is being downloaded

Lol cool vids of you deuling… Wouldn’t want to get into a fight with you! Lol

ooh i may gain some respect from these :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That was odd, my Media Player wouldn’t let me play them :frowning: (She’s jealous I’ll find a good mini).

~ ewok

Lol my media player let me play them… Strange lol… And yea burb1e you might gain some more respect here… You already got mine! lol


oooh blink just got a challenger…


wow congratz! i will never and ever wan tot get in a fight with u lol u should have set a prize wow was it liek 5 hits otr 4 hits lol

Respect Earned!! Thats a HOT fight!

Whoa very nice, I’m glad I only fought you with RUbber chickens :slight_smile:

its great, but she just specialed him to death, i mean, i guess thats cool. and btw nice 23!
wow u killed a whip guy just saw that part