my sigs

well ive started to fidle around with photoshop today and ive made some intresting work i thought i should share :smiley: and if u rip then u wil die :smiley:
heres the first result:

then i started to fidle with everything here are the rest of the results:

my favorite :smiley: :

last but not least:

sweet :D~!

cheerz dont look like any1 else appreciates my efforts grr :@

i like the last one… the one with green bg… good job experimenting. :slight_smile:

ooo cheerz there like my first sigs so im happy

Not bad for firsts.

cheerz :d and y is my topic so inactive ggrrr ;@

You used filters right? Any brushing?

Cool! You are more creative then me. :smiley: Paint FTW

i used a bit of brushing on the out rims as u can see wiv the light blue…
and i use some filters to give it the added touch

Yeah, thought so. I personally don’t like abstract things like that.

oo well wot r ur methods for making sigs?

those look nice. I like the second one best.

yeh samez got a better glow jst made a new sig for ma pure

hi hi hi hi hi

y r u spamming my topic?

no i am not im showing my sigs

u did’nt make those and ur signature is wrong u aint lvl 126

love the third one, its like a revamped yin yang