My sound wont work

As some of you u know i just rejoined rs… and now the sound doesent work, the music is one of my favorite parts of the game and now i cant hear it…(im in high detail and i can hear normal things like videos on ebaumsworld , but i cannot hear the sounds on rs…anyone know why?)

Yes the sound is on 4 in game and i cannot even hear the loggin screen…help meh

You need to change your Java setting, go on tools, internet options, security, level and scroll down and change your active Java script to activate and then restart your computer. It should work, if it doesn’t, send a message to Jagex and they will help you. That’s what they told me to do.

I think I might know what could be wrong:

Is the browser you using mozilla firefox? That browser I had, and no sound came out :frowning:

But Internet explorer does work, and you get sound :smiley:

Ill try what shadow said…cuz i have internext xplorer alredy …lol