My stats and player!

I haven’t played on this guy for 178 days and I got him back like a week ago so I don’t really got a high level slayer. Rate from 1/10.

You said you owned me? I’m better then you in everything except strength, hits, thieving, and ranging.

(You) said I owned you.

hey god chaser! guess whos back? muhahahhaa

im the best, for now! no one’s eva gunna keep me down!

Wow, another spammer! Someone give him a warning…

yea please he is so annnoying

lol u people r crazy

ok stats…mining and smithing are terrible for your level!

I don’t mine and smith dude!

yeah hi, ill rate 7/10
i reccomend training runecrafting and strength, keep your defence at level 54 trust me… train strength to about level 75+ and attack to level 65+ an you will own
maybe training slayer is also helping you get xp on those stats :slight_smile:
oh, and get prayer to 43+
all my good well earned advice :slight_smile: :wink: :wink: :slight_smile:

could be better some of my levels r the same and higher buy 8\10

Weird… I’m level 78 with total 903. I’m JUST ahead of you but the thing is, I’m F2P. You’ve obviously been a member so I’d expect something way higher but it’s still good. 7/10.

6/10. i suggest g3tting ur slayer up…its horrible

Ok, here it is! I got banned like about 178 days ago. And slayer hadn’t came out yet. And I just got account back from ban appeal.

your total doesnt back up your combat!

okay okay, but ur not banned now so get to working!

7/10average charecter

Ok, here is my stats how much they inproved in about 5 days…

very nice stats i say, 9/10, but u might wana get a better shield…