My stats :)

my user is runeguy103

my combat 73

not posting bank couse it swcks

not bad, not bad at all, 8/10

it’s ok…the only thing that stands out is the woodcutting…7/10

eh, pretty good for f2p… 8/10

~:crazy: spartan

Fairly good for a f2p, you should upgrade to members, then you could cut magics, and toll in da GP… Lol 8/10


Pretty good for a f2p, im f2p aswell.
8/10 Btw, my combat is 73 too.

That’s pretty good for a free player. The best thing there is the WC (duh!). I can’t see your total level and I can’t be bothered to look them up so I’ll just rate 8/10.

Nice, being f2p is hard… so 8.5/10 nice stats :wink:


Sorry to be off topic but that link in your sig is banned. I’m just wanring you.

nice better than mine

not bad at all

nice stats…i see that you’re f2p…really nice woodcutting…thats the only thing that really standa out…8/10…keep up the good work…especially that woodcutting…

better than mine also
and im f2p also

quite good i’d say. 9.5/10

nice mining and woodcutting. for F2P very nice stats overall :slight_smile:

nice woodcutting…its better then mine:)

nice u8 should become a member