my stats..........

i posted this becuase i just got 91 woodcut but i missed the pic so i figured people can rate all my stats :slight_smile:

one word WOW …just WOW 1197592734527943524/8 nice stats

thanks lol

why out of 8? lol that was random…nice stats joe (you have a great name)

lol yeah i was wondering why out of 8 too lol.

and thanks also i love my name too lol =p

Congratz on 91 WC and nice stats 10/10, I can buy logs from you if you want =P

Cuz the lowerr the denominator the higher the number… did that make sense?

I’ve got more Quest Points than a level 91 ZOMG w00t :tongue:

9/10, smithing could be better

Those are some great stats there Joe ;), 10-10. I’ve got some farming seeds, if you’re interested in buying.

nice stats. y did you put NFS on your stats??? like i said… Nice stats. congrats

nice i rate 100/10 not out of 8 lol. Well keep it up you have a really good woodcutting lvl :slight_smile:

nice! 6/10

9/10 nice stats but get farming up it easy total lvls lol

very nice stats