my stats

i dont know what stats i should raise up next. any suggestions?

Very nice for f2p :smiley:

pretty good, u could get 59 magic =p

yea i know but i dont know any skills i should lvl up also im smelting ores right now…

kool for f2p :slight_smile:

omg! i just need to know what skill should i lvl up next?

Very nice skills for a f2p but god i dont know because there all good compared to mine??? but the question is which one did u like the most gettin to that lvl and work on that till lvl 99 but only my thoughts

well i would mostly like to work on wc to like 80 or 85 but takes too long and id also like to get 80 range and its too far away and str to 80.

y 80 wc i can understand 80 str and range but y wc???

yea i guess ur right just str and range i should get next.
and also i want to raise a non cb skill so i wont be killing things all the time…

EDIT:well i just calcuated the ranged and i hve to fight 4462 lessers to get 80 range…and for str…3368 lessers to 80 str

aewsome for f2p man

Yea, nice f2p stats
Raise your crafting. Get it as high as you can and eventually get 70. =)
You could try raising mining and smithing. 80 str and range does sound good though.

holy that alot of lessers to kill but anyway if u want try to get that high also wats ur max hit wif a rune scimmy?

Thats very well done for f2p. I’ve gotta’ say you can raise magic til 59 so you can use every spell in f2p. :slight_smile:
Nice stats, ownage so far.

my max hit is 15 wit scimmy and sure is a lot of lessers