My Stories, Poems, Drawings, Quotes, and Words

About Me:

Life is amazing
Yet life is weird
No one will understand it
It takes you to strange places
some of it you can control
but alot of it is in other peoples hands
or maybe its in no ones hands
disasters may strike
and crisis will come
there will be problems you can’t solve
and many you will regret answering
there are many things important
where you stand in life
where you stand in society
how are you making the world different
what type of people do you hang with
how do you solve your problems
how do you live your life
I am here to say that none of this matters
You’ll still end up in the same place in the end
so do what you want and see where the world takes you

What do i want to do?
I want to live surounded by friends
life doesn’t really want that of me
I’m not sure where I stand
I know three people who are my closest friends
they are close friends by your desciptions
their names are Anthony, Peyton, and Eric
most people tend to reject me or stick around just to chat
some people I just follow and nothing really ever happens
I’m not perfect and I joke around and ruin moments on purpose
I am laid back and down to earth
I use to just try and help others
I notice these people are
looked over and put down
some tell you not to do what you want
I listened to them
I regret listening
I regret seeing
I regret hearing
but I am happy I did
Those i let down are still “friends”
and those I listened to
I may not talk but I watch over you
I watch over anyone who has been or is my friend
I notice slightest details
Scars, shoes, hair style
slightest words and changes in voice
slightest actions and judgements
clothes, watches, jewelery
classes, how often someone does something
something a criminal would want to know alot of
lol I understand now why people thought me as one
eye movements, bodyhair, their rides
backpack, supplies, thoughts
the little things anyone hardly sees
the little things people overlook
Its not ironic…

I finaly found my type of book
too bad they are partly sex stories
from thriller stories about rapists
to romances and passion
James Patterson is my favorite author
I find nudity not a problem
and porn simply as art
Kinda pervert arn’t i?
I don’t care but I will accept your veiws
I will keep them private and not show them
I like to draw and nude is comfortable

I like sports
Swimming is very hard and takes alot of strength
Football takes alot of observation
Soccer is a sport of lung power and leg muscle
Basketball is about angles
Wrestling is about enemy weakness
Bowling is about steady arms yet nice curves
Skateboarding is about balance and foot work
You have to be fit to be good
Most important in sports is technic
this is the hardest thing but it perfects your game
anyone can get muscles but not everyone can learn

Video games are fun
Rpg Fps and Mmo… I love them
Rpg arn’t as fun but more of get you away from your life
by putting you into somebody elses
Fps are always fun and good games to play against people
Mmo are a great way to communicate with people and have fun
I will admit there are a couple popular games I hate
Halo is a great example
I only play for multiplayer
Stealth games like Splinter Cell and Metal Gear are always fun.
Tom Clancy is a great game maker

Music is like a story slowly compressed into sound
I can say that I love all music
You can love music if you hate rape
but I will say that the artist needs to know music
Your guitar and drum have to go together
Your lyrics have to fit also
Rock, Metal, Rap, and Country are mostly what I listen to
Hip-Hop, R & B, Blue grass, pop are all fine
I listen to both local and global artists
It doesn’t have to be english to be good either

Art is another love of mine
I draw more realistic
But i still fancy anime
Art is something that should be done by hand
Graphic Art isn’t as good because you can erase
Sure you can with pencil but not fully
and when you color in you can’t go back
My art is more dark
I like more romantic pictures though

Poetery is a hiden passion of mine
I write love stories
sometimes I even speak and type in poem
I usualy write about break ups
or even about global problems
I never usualy have a reason
I just start writing
and make the next sentence tie in

Romance is kinda strange for me
I find a hug or holding of hands
more romantic then a kiss
but I consider them friendly actions too
I would rather rest with a girl
leaning up against me chating
then marinating eachother
in kisses and make outs
Sure like every person
I need those in a relationship
but I like those little things also
like the hanging out after sex
the friendlyness in romance

Ghost and spirits
I beleive in them
I love hearing stories
about haunted houses and hotels
Most of the times it just seems
like the spirits are bored
and trying to have fun
they try and play with us
but we get scared
when a family moves into a house
that is haunted
the family is scared at first
but later they accept the ghost
kinda as a room mate or pet

I am a christian boy
I go to church yes
I love going to church
but I don’t like hardcore churchs
casual dress and modern music
instead of dress up
and vocally singing
more of a place to hang out
god’s house should be formal yes
but is should also be casual too.

Give a man a subject, and he can create his own veiw.
Give a man a veiw, and he can create his own arguement


Middle Class:
[b]Those high in society
will get lost in the clouds
and those at the bottom
are no better then waste
with their heads stuck low

Those in the middle
set only by heart
will find the norm
comfort and meaning
in life we do part

Both rich and poor
can’t find their way
never the true path
till time of pleasure
and end of pain

stolen are the rich
stealers are the poor
yet in life filled skills
the poor will out prosper
and the rich will die off

once all is balanced
wealth and knowledge
will humanity prosper
and find the right way
till life we be part

Love isn’t Free

[CENTER]Red is the color of love, but it is also the color of blood
Because to obtain love you must give all that you got to obtain it
For it may reap my soul,
like a cat,
I search for your heart.

If I riped it out for you
and showed you
it still beats for you
would you stay?


When I’m arround you time stands still,
Yet they always seem to fly right by.
You’ve lighten my soul and body,
yet it is becoming harder to breath.
My heart races my love,
and my knees give out to thee,
fall down and not sure what to think.
I’m out of words because,
no words are good enough for you.
Yet as the people stand here and laugh,
I can only hear your words,
and only hear your heart.

My Greatest Love

Kindly I walk up to you
Easing my way to destiny
Leaving you gives me the blues
Still love even after eternity

Everyday is so much fun
Yea, only cause you’re the one
Lean up for your kiss
You are my only wish

Never going to fade away
Not even words could say
How my heart beats for you
Always in tune so I don’t lose

Yes you are my only goal
See this is my big role
My insides are getting warm
Yet nothing will ever get warn

Getting all hard and horny
Ready to stop what’s boring
Everything else is not here
And you’re the only one, my fear

That’s because I might not win
Even you I need to get then
Serve your every wants and needs
To you I will let you be freed

Love 1:

Losing you would be like painful death
Opening my chest to take my breath
Vrneath this poor pathetic man
Engraved their is a precious stone.

Love 2:

Lag up my veins and lay to the ground
Override my heart and let me down
Vnderstand my mind and speak with me
Enrich my senses and be here to be

Love 3:

Loving every seconds with thee
Open up my heart and let me free
Very sad to sit in this empty cage
Eventually I will lose all this rage

I will, always

Ain’t no site i’d rather see,
Ain’t no noise i’d rather hear,
Ain’t nothing else i’d have this be,
Then your sweet touch calling me,

I can’t believe this is you,
You won’t even let me be,
But as i lie down and think,
Your smells comes to thee,

For it may fill my lungs,
But it soon leaves me,
For it may stings,
But I will still love thee,

And there ain’t nothing left,
That your heart hasn’t touch,
But as you walk away,
It hurts so much,

For there ain’t nothing more beautiful,
Then you slipping away from this,
And i can’t understand,
But i know it just hurts so much,

Please don’t come for me again,
And don’t ever try to call,
Cause ain’t nothing to gain,
As you forced me to fall,

But i still love you more,
And i can’t stop myself,
Even if i get hurt,
I still love you more,

Second Heartbeat

You are the second heartbeat
Just as worthless as the next
you are neither the beginning or the end
you arn’t first nor last
you mean nothing to me
but no matter how hard I try
I will never forget you
for you have defiled my emotions
and you have reaped my soul
kill me in the inside
for the fifth time
But i shall be reborn
You can’t harm me no more
You are no longer part of me
You will never touch me
You are poison to the heart
the bomb has quit ticking
and final reveals what’s inside
never more, my love
you can’t hurt me


Pry the door open to escape
Running to the barbwire gate
Isolated from civilization
Slowly dieing in this situation
Over all I must resist
Never going to get out of this
Even though I will die
Rebelling I will still try

Pray to god for a little hope
Rotting in this awful joke
Improperly they kill me
So wanting to be let be
On the line of extinction
Not allowed for communication
Every day I do the same
Rejecting this by its name

Play sick games on me
Racing out of here for thee
I’m sorry for my action
So I’ll never make that reaction
Only you can’t let me out
No I will not plead or shout
Eventually I’ll be set free
Repelling your grip on me

Pulling down off this wall
Running to forget it all
Ice and snow on the ground
Shivering as I fall down
Oafish is my mistake
None of this I can take
Everything is what I lost
Ruined plans lay in the frost

My Story:[/CENTER]

Here it goes. The crowd screams out my name. They want my band, my music, my lyrics, their ruler… Too bad this will be the last song on earth. No song shall be sung later and not a single note will ever be played. No more beating of the drums or the heart. The guitar screeches signals down everyone’s spine yet soothes the ears of its listeners. The drums beat out like the hearts and steal the passion of its crowd. The lyrics match the personality of the listeners only because it created their thoughts. The dancers play out the actions for those too cowardly and those that aren’t fully there. To these people they are celebrating the birth of earth, but for me it is the time of the end.
Right as the song slowly dies the walls fly for the stage. Dust and dirt goes up and tries to escape its sealed prison. Something screams “Fire!” and everyone runs and ducks for cover, screaming for their blood. Bullets rip through the crowd toward the stage, opening drums and ripping the guitar to dust. Just as almost all has cleared up a gunner runs forward and throws a skull shaped pebble toward my head. Its shape of death is so beautiful and coming so fast; before I have time to flinch it slams right into my forehead, spinning me into a deep sleep, an almost eternal sleep. Just before the shades shut off the stage, I see gray smoke and two black fully cloaked figures standing in the middle of the impenetrable crossfire. The last thing I remembered was Kelsey, one of our most seductive dancers, kneeling down hold my head softly saying “Jake. Jake? Are you alright?”
Through much discomfort I slowly open the heavy drapes. I lay as water splashes against my body from the frozen lake. The snow was just about to bury my body deep into the earth. I slowly reach up using all my strength, breaking through the snow. Snow flees for cover and I slowly stand up, a beast to the grounds. I search for any signs of existence in the tundra barren. Then as I look up a huge mountain, I see dark clouds rising for escape into the ocean of emptiness, toward infinite space. “A volcano? Or a fireplace?” I ask myself. I slowly drag my legs, limping to the summit. Even if I lead myself to death I’m as good as dead now, anything to get out of this miserable freezer. I finally get to where my vision starts to barely see the figure of a cabin. “Is this an act of incubus or is it the act of prophesy? Are they one in the same?” I question myself. I try to drag my legs a little further but just then my legs give out to nature and force my face into the snow.
As I start to wake up I blankly notice pink walls surrounding me and posters of famous rock bands. Just then do I notice that most of them are pictures of my friends, and me, my band? I slowly pull my sore aching body up from the soft clouds. “Oh! You’re awake! I thought you were gone Jake.” I hear a voice say. “My name’s Tiffany, I love your music.” The voice, Tiffany, continues. Is it just me or does she own every copy of my album, and is that newspaper article about me? “Royal Rebels” “Teenager Prince Jake runs away from home” “Prince of Anarchy” “Royal Disagreement ends in Terror” “Prince Rock” “Rebel Prince, Jake, starts a heresy through music” “Jake Manwell Most Wanted Man” 
“What have I got myself into?” I moan suddenly realizing that Tiffany was still there. “I found you outside face down into snow. I didn’t believe it was you. I thought I was dreaming.” She replies. “Do you know where I live? I need to go and get stuff.” I ask. She slowly opens the door. “I know how to get into town.” She says with a smile. “Where are you going?” I ponder.
She walks down some stairs. I hustle to my feet, my vision blurs, “Not so fast Jake, you’re still weary from the events.” I remind myself. I stagger to the door, my legs sore and weak. “Wait!” I try to scream. I follow trying to move faster without hurting myself. Tiffany’s shadow flashes out the door. I follow and right when I get out an object hurls to my face. I flinch grabbing it and almost falling down on the ground but catching my balance. “You know how to ride?” Tiffany giggles. I laugh under my hyperventilating voice. “Of course I do!” I boast “Yeah, right.” Tiffany rolls her eyes as she speaks “Just follow me.” Tiffany hesitates. Jumping onto her board she soars down the hills. I steady myself on the board, and push myself slowly down the hill. Trying to gain speed I fall a couple times and while still sliding I push myself back up.
Dodging through the trees I stare up at the sky day dreaming just then I hit a tree and swerve into another one as I fall down. I bury myself under snow and lose all sense of direction, forgetting if I fell forward or on my back. Trapped I scream and dig in all directions with little effort. I feel my lungs start to swell as I start losing oxygen. With one final hope I kick and push down all at once and snow flies off my chest and I lay there and slowly pass out from lack of oxygen.
My stomach growls and my throat is dry as I lean up and look down the hill and notice a cliff. Staring down the cliff I start to slip and slide down and hang off the end. Not sure how far it goes I try to go up but the snow packs and slides almost as much as ice. As I start to slip I throw my hand into the ground and hold on for life. Figuring my only chance is down I crawl down into the smoky abyss. Slipping now and then but still hanging. It feels as if the cliff never ends but soon I realize that this mountain is part of the boarder of town. I lose grip looking down and fall with a thud on the house. I’m knocked out instantly from the blow.
“Hey! Get down!” a man yells. I wake up and look over the edge of the roof. I notice a man who appears to be redder then my lips. “What are you doing up there?!” he screams in rage. I slide and fall off the house landing on my back. “Ouch!” I groan. “You’ll be thinking ouch once I’m done with you.” He screams louder as he walks toward me with a knife. Getting up as fast as I can I run for the gate. “And stay out, you hobo!” He finishes. I run for the nearest house. Looking from markets or stores that might help pin out where in Cloud City I am. I only walk two blocks before I start to see guards. “I need to stick to the roof tops” I warn myself. Finding a nearby ladder, most likely used for painting the house, I climb to the top and lay on the house.
I slowly get up and decide I’m most likely near Sky Mountain. I need to run toward the morning sun to find my way. Watching the sun, the sky, and behaviors of the people I figure it’s around 5 saying everyone is finishing returning home the sun is still and the sky is still blue. I walk, the sun to my back, jumping from house to house, running across roof tops but trying hard not to make an awareness of his presence. Nobody really minds me running on the roofs because it has become popular among teens to walk up here trying to stay off the dangerous and crowded streets. Guards, muggers, thieves, and many other things that cause us to be a mobocracy. After a while I smell fresh bread from a nearby baker. Marking my spot by leaving a piece of my shirt tied to an antenna I follow the scent.
I find my way to the bakers and stare through the windows, drooling at pies, cakes, bread, and many other goods. Starved I walk in. I decided to beg for food, money and water near the exit of the shop. Most people just walk by but some were generous enough to share part of a sandwich and chat for a bit. Conversations went a lot like this:

Me: Can I have some food?
Man: Here
Me: Thank you
Man: So how have you been
Me: Too many guards, living in chaos
Man: I know and to think we consider ourselves pure
Me: Something about earth has done this.
Man: Yea probably half the Prophets and Priest faults
Me: Yea Incubus sounds like better type now
Man: Laughs Yea hey well I got to go
Me: Bye
Deciding finally I need to steal I wait for the perfect time. All of a sudden the bakery packs tight with people. I casually walk around grabbing bread, cake, and pie. I walk to the restroom and peer inside checking for surveillance. “Thank god he’s poor.” I mumble, feeling miserable about stealing from poor. I slowly and carefully pack the stuff in a backpack I found on a rack near the entrance of the bathroom. I pick it up and start walking out. “You! Wait!” the baker yells, “What’s in that bag?” “School items, sir.” I reply and he nods giving me the ok. Not sure if he knew I lied or not I walk out and then climbed back up a window and on top of the houses, searching for the shirt. I find it and sit down as I peer out and see the sun slowly returning back to soil for its nap. I snack on some of the pie and then satisfied I fall asleep.

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