my stupid lag

ok so i was exploring the wilderness when i came acrose a melee pure about 3 lvls higher than me. he looked at me, i looked at his rune scimmy, and the fight was on. about a quater the way into it my comp starts to lag, and im low health, so im franticly clicking swordies (cuz the game kinda froze sorta), and the next thing i know i wake up naked in lumby. has this happened to any of you?

If you were playing RSC, you could have reduced the lag by pressing F1. One more reason pking stinks in RS2…

Really, lag is controlled by the Computer, how could you press F1 and it stops?


Nice pure looks good! 40 range 27 combat!

its happened a few times to me…didnt lose too much though… lag gets really annoying sumtimes if u pk with good stuff on

I think he meant that if you press Alt+F4 it would reduce lag

Ive also heard that if you drop all your items near my character and press alt+F4 all your items would be doubled and super enchanted and you will have 1223432423454353 gold. jk :slight_smile: