My sucky banks and stats.

Here’s the bank of my “pure”. It has about all of my money and stuff, because it use it for everything else besides mining and smithing, which my “main” does.

(Just a coincidence I have exactly 2 mil)

Stats of pure:

Stats of main (notice my pure is a higher level than my main, lmao):


lol…lvl 48 with 2 mil, you should have a much higher combat with 2 mil stats 6/10 bank 8/10 (because of the cash)

nice, i like the b bones… lol

Very nice bank for a f2p…especially a lv 48…Have fun pking with your pure :smiley:

nice 8/10 (iron scares me lol)

If you’re a merchant…why is it all nfs?

nice!!! Thats better then my bank and im lvl 77. ( i went crazy with my money on pking) I like the 2mil and the big bones man, and nice you got a whole latta cowhides.
8.5/10 for bank and stats for pure 6/10 main stats 3/10 lol.

Wow i like the cash and also the b bones in the bank. Sweet!

Wow, thats a awsome bank for a lvl 48!!Hope you get some good pks…

wow nice amount of cash for a pure!

Lol, it’s not technically a pure. Notice the 41 attack (I messed up) and the 10 def (I really messed up) and the 2 prayer (I messed up again). And the cowhides and bbones are being sold, as soon as he gets on… But I’m selling the gloves, studded body, and uncuts, if anyone wants…

i did that 2

and what a coincidence i dumped my because it lost alot so i put the last 200k i had left on my pure killerinopkr

and i merchainted on my account and now i have a green mask

oh and guess what

my pure is a blk pure 2

oh but my pure is stronger than urs

50 attk
50 magic
40 range
61 str
55 hp


oh and i had another pure with the same stats lol name killerinopkr
41 attk
61 str
41 magic
10 def
3 prayer

lol but then i made it a rune pure and gave it these stats

71 str
61 attk
40 def
and 60 somethin hp lol dont remember
46 mage
24 range
31 prayer

but then i sold that account 2 a freind of mine for 260k rs cash so i gave him the account lol