My take on the sword-staff

Lately, I’ve been hearing and thinking about sword-staffs. A friend suggested to me that he would like a staff to have a sharp spearhead or something similar on the end of the staff. It could be used to stab someone instead of bashing with the staff. He also suggested having a dagger in the inventory to be used in conjunction with the staff. In this way, the staff becomes like a sword to parry and the dagger be used to attack.

Now, here’s my version of this weapon. What if you could build a staff with this same sharp point at the end. However, it looks like just a decoration to hold the point at the end. At first glance, you wouldn’t even think about getting stabbed with it. Here’s the kicker, if you equip this weapon, you cannot wear a shield. What happens if that part of the staff can be detached and used as a dagger. This shortens the length of the overall staff so it can be used like a sword to defend and this new dagger can be used to put your opponents eye out.

This dagger is no normal stabbing weapon. It is magical. If you activate its power and a full length blade of pure elemental energy comes out. It can hold a charge for only one of the four elements (air, water, earth, and fire). Now, not only can you bash your opponents head in, but you can cleave through his armor.

I have pictures of the staff. The first picture is the whole staff and what it looks like when segmented.

These are the active swords and staffs.

hmm u good drawer

yes, you are good dwarver…

but about that last pic…you forgot darth vader from it :smiley:

since it looks like a lightsaber

I like the idea the drawing help alot to visualize it.

Thanks a lot guys.

Yeah, can you imagine Darth Vader running through RS, force choking people. He would look even funnier in RSC, all chubby and small.

lol yea but then all of a suden bang hes an ice cube and you laught since you owning him with ice barage and your like how you going to chock me now?

A combination of magic and melee weapon, nice. But isn’t battlestaves and mystic staves similar to this?

lol. Darth Vader owned by a chain of noobs all asking for his helmet to sell for 5 mil.

Yeah, battlestaffs already serve this purpose, but I wanted to upgrade the idea and make the game more interesting. Imagine if we only had a gray stick to use that does exactly the same thing as a battlestaff.