My Thanksgiving!

Whenever my dad’s side of the family gets together my one aunt always has Christmas Crackers. They are just like in RuneScape. Your pull the strings and they pop and there is a party hat inside and a random little toy (I don’t know what but my cousin’s uncle got a beer opener).

I stuffed my face until I nearly puked, and then had 2 slices of pumpkin pie piled high with whipped cream.
It was good.

Ryu- in respose to your sig, what is wrong with tellying? I didnt go into the wildy to pk, ur just sore cuz a person who didnt want to pk tellied away from you.

I had 3 cobs of corn, 6 deviled eggs, and 4 rolls. I cant stand turkey =D

Oh and i had 3 pieces on chocolate pie =D

I’m a teletubby 4 lyphe =)

i had a whole lot o’ turky, some stuffin’, and about three peices o’ pie

Dry turkey, great bread, great stuffing, decent yams… Now for some Pumpkin Pie! =D

I had turkey,green bean caserole,pumpkin pie,cranberry sauce,mashed potatoes,rolls, fudge brownies and stuffing. After eating we went on a walk with my dog and played with her in the backyard and played card games. :fluffy:

What I meant what how did you guys like my aunt’s party hat idea lol. I hade tons of turkey, and corn, and about 3 biscuits, then a nice up of french vinilla coffee with whip cream, cream, milk, and sweet 'n low suger…mmm…

P.S. kingofallpie, what I mean by don’t be a teletubby is when you ARE PKing especially if your in a death match or clan war. It’s extremely dishonorable and people will hate you for being a wuss. That’s why I don’t PK I merchant :).