My trip to blue drags

hehe i gained 4 cb lvls and 2 prayer lvls w00t hers a pic ill be addin more later on notice i am only usin d dagger or id be hittin 26s


congrats on the lvls! and nice kill on the blue drags

What’s your strength? Without pot, I don’t think I can hit past a 25 at 77 strength.

~ ewok

heres some more pics

this ones pretty off topic but w00t!

i just got a shade right after my friend killed one i got robe top and bottom

thats like quadrouble posting lolz

No dude really, i spend my life down there, nothing special.

Lol @ 26’s
I am a lvl 90 with a flail and i only hit 26

congrats on the lvls, and good job on the kills :slight_smile:


lol nice…i train on baby blues alot but don’t really fight blue drags…maybe i’ll hally them when i get my dragon halberd…anyway, congratz

what the flying * ru talking about, ino its not and if it is, then ur signature is triple posting everytime u talk

With your prayer level I suggest wearing full monks robes in there, with a dragon mace. This will give you +19 prayer and using protect from melee against an NPC you won’t take any damage. Bring prayer potions and wear a DF shield. You’ll probably fare better.

thx for the info god

~icp~ :pirate: