My Uncle is kool and kind of famous

my uncle scott has been on tour playing guitar and singing with katrina elam and keith urban, two hot country singers

to see him playing guitar and singing with katrina elam, go to then go to where it says katrina elam and press more, then click on exclusive performance or something like that and a box will pop up, it will say video quality, and change the quality to 128k, then there will be like a car commercial then she will start singing, the guy in the middle of the 3 guitarists is my uncle, and after a while he starts singing, he is the only guy singing, you can hear him and they will show a few close ups of him singing and playing guitar, and he is my uncle! it is so cool!


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for you…

did you see the video?
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Wow, does he make a lot of money? Maybe when he gets really famous, you can ask him for lots of autographs and make lots of money :wink: !

he makes i think 300 bucks per show, and he had like 40 shows within 2 months last year that is 12,000 bucks for 40 nights!

Man… Lucky you… I wish I knew someone famous…

ur dad is cool

erm, it is my uncle

lol, my dad does kinda the same thing. He gives guitar lessons in his spare time.

Nice brother, awesome!