my very first fake: dragon pl8 plz rate

well this is my first fake EVER!!! well here it is

if that doesnt work click this

8/10 if thats your 1st try

not bad for a first but it doesn’t really look runescapeish… 8/10

OK for ur first 7\10 its ok for ur first.

ummm justin wat did u do exactly?

it look like its gonna fall off

srry i was seeing if the image would come up but then my comp lagged and i had to restart comp, i fixed it.

if thats your first try then i give 8.5/10 next time try and add more than just the picture on front and spikes.

for a 1st time, i’d give that 7.5/10. Keep on tryin

hmm… very smal land wierd but not bad for first time 6/10…

really nice I suppose I should give 8/10 for effort.