My wild storys!

I have many wild storys about all the ppl i have killed with my team.

One of them is i had one of myteam with me and we were in wilkd by the ghosts near the giants, and my team member was 60 and i was 61,and a lvl 79 attacked us but we did not run we took him on and was winning but he ran,and another team member was coming, cos the lvl79 kept on coming at us but we were winning everytime,thenhe ran in south in wild where we coulden’t attck us.

that isn’t my most exciting story but it was one of them.

What would u rate my story 10/10

Umm…dude, dont post that many times. And Ill give your story a 7/10.

that was a good first mark wot is your combat lvl