my woodcutting company

Hey, I got a wood cutting company. Here is the list of all my prices:

Willows: 30 gp each
Maples: 100 gp each
Yews: 300 gp each

We are sorry for not working with lower level logs. Give me your username and your demand and we will work it out in 3 days maximum.

Ill sell yews for 250gp :lol: just pm me in game

tell me your username please

Hey I was wondering if maybe I could work for you because i am trying to get my wood cutting up. My username is 603092 and i am usually in world 12 or 27.

Order recalled. Thanks though.

My RS name is scar blader. and i am ftp so i cant chop maple or magic

tell me your wood cutting, if its 30+ ure in

xtreme fighter u can cut yews for me

Its is 39

ok r u a member or r u ftp?


Its is 39[/quote]mines 32 {sptcrt20001}

ok both of you start cutting willows. my username is destroyer_ha

:twisted: i’ll get u 5k willows :twisted:

hi my woodcutting lvl is 56 now sry to make it late

my woodcutting is 69…so id gladly sell you my yews at 300 each(your price) username: syke12, but its usualy on friends only so private message me on rsr thanks

ill work for ur company dude, my woodcutting is 63 or 64, my username is chaos_guy271

I would like to work for the company too i can cut willows all the time

Dudes ime sorry for not answering, ime broke by now. You all can start working. Ill figure out a way to get my cash back.PM me in game so i can know how many you can get and in how much time.

any1 need arrow shafts??? :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: