my wubbely new pixel from SirKillalot :D

its so funny and kewl :smiley:

wow. thats ummm… pretty.

lol funny full bronze dragon??

sirkillalot really does have skills…btw its me there…not zezima

That’s a really funny pixel he made. Good job, Killalot. :smiley:

Very well made pixel. I just love the shading on it. Great job on the pixel there.

P.S. Thats an MS paint drawing, not a pixel. LOL.

Lol pretty picture. now i gotta get one. who loves me?!

lol that is a great pic

thats hawt

i don get it.

whats the funny part about it?
or is it immature humor?

:boxedin: :gnasher: :swirl: :no: :expressio

lol 3 words… best pixel ever

you sirkillalot…I have 1 word for you…odd

you didnt notice the sarcasm did you…?

u,mmm ok then? thats weird

ok ive seriously looked at it again. tried to do my best and read the stuff.

im not laughing why?

Paint owns you my friends. God bless you all.

paint is shit

It rocks! D:<

Pssst! Guys! Wats so funny?? Ice teaz is right, wats so funny???