my yellow party


cool hat, how much did it cost?

nice mate… did you get it outa a cracker?

woah…nice p-hat, must’ve cost u a lot…congrats :slight_smile:

Nice lol, did u trade your purple party hat for the yellow one?

hey jeremy how much u pay for it.

really kewl stuff yo!!!

really nice! :wink:

Nice… But I hope you didn’t trade the yellow phat for the purple one… Unless they are worth the same value or if you or the other guy put up stuff to make it a fair trade… But yeah cool… Congratz on the phat…

Nice! Yellow P-hats are my favorite because they look like Gold Crowns. I can make my bf call me Queen Raven 8)

Oo nice phat, did you trade it for the purple or are you collecting them now?

~ ewok

nice one jeremy maybe oneday you`ll get a blue one 8O

:arrow: legends mine

i hv a yellow too… cost 10.5m
but of course no one cares about me… :cry:

congrats jeremy, i like the yellow one better than the purple one anyways
so good pick

oooh nice! how much did u pay?

sick phat man, where do u get those, and how much do they cost?
btw, nice screenshot, doesnt look like a fake at all

LMFAO i can pretend thats normal…but i liekd the purple one more

nice! yellow phats are sooooo cool!

btw rob… isnt that chases avatar? gfasp Dont tell me you stole it!

lol, i dont really care if chase doesnt…

You can’t use my avatar!