Myspace Foils School Shooting

I read this in the paper. Idiots.
sickmate 8)

They put it on Myspace?
Sounds like their parents must have dropped them on the head several times.
And by several, I mean more than thirty.
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Wtf…some people are so psychotic …on hitlers birthday and the anniversary of the shooting…omg.

Wow. That’s even better than kids at my school posting pictures of themselves drinking of facebook.

Did you know a college somewhere banned Myspace because student use of Myspace was eating up 40% of their bandwidth? That’s just sad.

This is part of the reason I killed my Xanga.

man thats scary, and the fact that if there wasent myspace…we’d have another Columbine High School again…
man some ppl are crazy…and stupid to put that on the internet

Our school’s Myspace got blocked and the junior class president got expelled for 80 days.
The guy posted stuff saying ‘I hate the school’s principal’ with a lot of cussing, and 3 months later, the principal’s niece told on him, and now he’s been expelled.
The principal also tried to log into Myspace (our school had a small forum) using a student account. The admin for that area realized what he was doing and basically erased the entire sub-forum.
What a mess, eh?
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This age in life gets darker and darker, thankfully, they were caught.
Ye, they are idiots for posting it for everyone to see.
Gladly, this is a mistake that turned out good to save some lifes that couldve been hurt…

Well, Winterlord stole the effect but -

In an age of darkness, terrible things are happening. Murder, shootings, and crazy kids.

shivers 'Least they were caught.

Crazy. They are stupid though. Why in the world would they leave it to the public to see what they were going to do. But glad they did… I wonder if it was a hoax though.

Damn what is wron with teens, these days, this world is corrupt…alteast they were caught and nothing serious happened…

They had everthing…

Hey, guess what? We actually paid attention this time.

A lot of times in the past, kids have told their friends and yes, posted online, that they were going to shoot up their school. In some cases, these kids’ friends even told the school about it. But most of the time school officials or teachers just didn’t believe them. And then some kid would shoot up the school.

But guess what? This time, they decided they should actually take the threat seriously and do something about it!

Only took long enough for them to figure that out.

Wow. That was lucky that it was found out :frown:

Well, it just shows how stupid teens have become. There was an interview on ACA about some kids doing push ups on a free (copying a movie called jackass), and the kid said “The guys on TV did it alright without getting hurt. If the guys on TV can do it why can’t we?”

Psh, Teenages get stupider by the minute…

I read the whole thing about the Columbine Massacre. Death penalty gets my vote …

There are people who support it.

thatll show those mypsace haters…it can solve crimes too!

Yet more commonly it causes them.

Why the hell would they post in on Myspace?
I think they sould be put in jail for the rest of their lives…