Mysterious Old Man

Whats the best thing you ever got from a strange box?
I just recently got the loop half of a key. Then about two minutes later i got another.

The best thing ive got from a strage box is about 2k

best for me was a diamond :cry:

Is it true that if you ignore them you get teleported to this place where u can win masks or something like that? If it is true, is it only for members? or can f2p get mime stuff as well?

no, it’s not true. If u ignore them then they do bad things to u. If they r going to teleport u in the first place, then they will do it right after they appear. DO NOT ignore a mysterious man.

Wow… You guys are lucky… The best thing I’ve ever got was 160 GP… Other times I just got 80 GP and once an uncut sapphire… The strange boxes, for me, never give anything special or anything…

i’ve never really gotten nething good out of mysterious boxes either, the best i got was lik 200gp or an uncut sapphire/emerald

the best thing i got - uncut saphhire
a few hours ago i got a strange box, and i went to the bank and tried to put it in. everytime i clicked store, i got one more box. in the end i had 28 boxes, and had to do them all untill i got sumthing. i got an uncut sapphire!
also, the men teleport u straight away, like when they give u strange boxes. if they want to talk, theyll either give u a saphhire, a spinach roll, some small coins, and RARELY a casket.
u can be teleported to a maze where the quciker u get through, the better the reward (i know sum1 who got 40k, u can probly get beta)
or a theatre, where u copy a mimes emotes
if u dont talk to the old man, he’ll teleport u somewhere else in runescape
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do genies do anything special?

they put ur lvl up by time ten of the lvl u choose
so if ur mining is 50, and u choose to put up mining, then u’ll get 500exp
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No I mean like teleport u anywhere?

nup they dont
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I though the genie “scatters” your inventory on the floor by your feet if you don’t talk to him… That’s what most RS help sites are saying now a days… Yeah, I wish the genie would visit me more…

I got the strange box like 3 times and I’ve only recieved uncut ruby’s.

I’ve also heard rumors about if you stand in front of the kitchen door in Lumbridge for like 5 mins that a genie will pop up. I’ve tried and nothing happened.

no, he wont come up, hes completely RANDOM
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Best thing ive gettin from the box is a teeth half key.

What do the keys go to?

The best he ever gave me was 1k. Most times he gives me 200 gold pieces and an uncut sapphire.

The best thing that i got is being teleported to a maze once i finished it i got 33% of the prize

when i was a noob i was sent to the mime place and got the gloves and pants. they didnt improve my armor or anything and i didnt know they were so rare, so i dropped them! :x some lucky punk has my mime legs and gloves rigth now… and a different time i got like 1.5k iron arrows from doing the maze. and i also got a diamond from the box thing.