Mystic armor

I know how to, at least begin to, get splitbark armor, but where/who/what do I do to get the mystic armor? Thanks!


You can either get it from buying it from a player like me or just going to wizard’s tower and buying it.

you can buy full mystic at the wizards guild in yanille. the gold/white and red/black mystics are drops from slayer monsters

what lvl slayer monsters and what kind? lol, i wanna get me some mystic!

Well you need to kill the really high level ones to get them… I am not kidding it is hard I have killed about 50 of one slayer monster and have gotten all junk.

i killed 143 banshees for slayer and i got 1 mystic red/black gloves which at the time i sold for 200k but it is quite a rare drop. Infernal mages drop red/black hats. and higher lvls drop robes and bottoms

for red and black mystic you need 75 slayer to get all the parts.

hat - infernal mages
top - gargoyles
bottom - abbernt spectres
boots - infernal mages
gloves - banshees

or 1.6m ( is that what it still is) also what are the lvls for white/gold mystic?