N.A.S.A Killing the American Economy?

I thought this would be a good topic.

Why you may ask?

Because NASA is retiring all their old ship in a couple years, and will start a new space program, set to head to space by 2015. In my opinion this is sord of a waste…The ships cost multiple billion dollars. They blow up insignifically. I wouldn’t be suprised if the first one is blown to smitherine.

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No… Nasa is actually using their funding to good use… it’s that stupid Fema thing that’s killing us… My uncle owns a trailer business (the vacationing kind) and Fema came in last year and bought every trailer he had for several thousand dollars more than each trailer was priced at!!! That is a waste to the economy, and it’s an untolerable insult to all those who donated to Fema to help support Katrina victims. And oh, by the way, Fema won’t let anybody use the trailers they’ve bought… They’re just sitting and rotting… Don’t as me why, I don’t know, I think it has something to do with other hurricanes possibly blowing the trailers away or something, but it’s gay that they even bought any in the first place lol… They could have cut the price in half by giving each family 200,000 dollars and tell em good luck with your life… AND the families would be better off… most of em anyway

It’s because the government is inherently inefficient.

Example? Welfare. For every dollar the government puts into welfare, 72 cents (That’s 72% of all cash in welfare!) is taken away by administrative costs.
That’s where the waste is.
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72 cents out of a dollar? Wow!

Yeah, seriously. Most charities (good ones) are 95% of donations to recipients.
Not so with welfare. It sucks.
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What the hell is the point of expanding and researching space if we haven’t even mastered our own planet? NASA is wasting money.

How is NASA wasting money?
There are bigger money-thieves in the government, notably welfare.
Go after them first.
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if nasa is wasting even a tiny bit of money, and it is easy to go after, we would go after nasa. We need to save every bit of money possible because of how bad Mr. Bush got our economy to be.

Do you know who makes up the American budget?
Congress. Not Bush. Why do you have to blame every fricking thing on him?
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Wasting money? It’s called SCIENCE! They’re learning! You think science is a waste of money?!?!?!?

He doesn’t know what in the world he is talking about, this is usually the point in which i ignore him lol

Lol Ded…

Not ignoring King, ignoring mkb… I hate it when people post unbelievably ignorant and incorrect facts without anything to back it up

yeha, i don’t like it either.

Especially when they choose to make fun of a buttsweet organization (NASA) that should recieve about as much funding as possible.
Maybe we could, you know, bounce a Buick off the moon or something. That would be fun as hell. We’ve wasted our money on worse.
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I wonder sometimes if the space shuttles, etc may have damaged or are destroying our environment.

Anyone else think this may be the case?

How would they be doing that?
Contributing to the evil specter of ‘global warming’?
Or just spewing random pollutants? Probably, but it would only be a tiny, tiny bit of all pollution.
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I’ve heard some people say that they think that all the space stuff is ruining the atmosphere or something…causing us to have “crazy” weather.

I don’t know if it is or not.

An enormous rocket causing funky weather?
I doubt it.
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Have you seen what they’re trying to develop??? they claim theyre trying to learn natural science, and explore space to see if there’s anything to know, but actually theyre wasting money trying to develop useless stuff. Ever heard of the “astronaut pen” that one could’ve used a pencil instead?
It might not be wasting if they were doing technological science, like developing human-made benefits for human uses, even natural science is okay. But NASA is not learning anything! it is wasting its money trying to develop useless gadgets and trying to fix old tools and inventions. In fact, what is the point of starting life in Mars anyways? what is the point of sending a human to mars? the current robots can already research what is needed.