Name that Tune!

This is like the lyrics game but a bit different. Its the actual songs insted of the lyrics. I’ll start with an easy one:

Song 1

Please don’t look at the web adress and spoil the game :no:

To find songs use:

Altavista Music

If you know of any other places to get links please post!

I think it’s Linking Park, not sure though.

its linkin park AND someone, and song name?

Jay Z and linkin park

EDIT: k song is encore…lol had to beat kup

I went to look at another thread, I had the song >.O
Anyways, post a tune.

K…gotta figure it out now lol

Song 2 did it work?

this is like copying “know your lyrics”

It same thing…just with hearing. check mine out :smiley:

can i post a song?
edit:no hte song didnt work

When u guess one right. without cheating

ohhh… ok im playing

Okay :hyper: Will i stump you??

the link to the song doesn’t work for me! wahhh!! :frown:

Oooh! I know that one!
Bowling for Soup-1985

:frown: Does it work for other peoples?

EDIT: Good job Kup…you win and get to pick now :fluffy:

Yeah, err…
How do we ge the link to the song? I have the song, but I don’t know where to get it, AltaVista gives me reviews only…Shoot me.

Use altivista…type in the band/song or both and then copy one of the links (right click-copy shortcut) then paste it here.

There are no links that get to the song for my song…

That sux…pick another is all i can say

Ahhh, whatever.
One of you guys go =P