napoleon dynamite

anyone ever seen this movie? it is one of the funniest movies i have seen!

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yai have seen it lol it is a stupid movie but it is still funny.

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lol hahaha

That’s a hilarious movie. I love it 'cause it has no plot!

Yeah, I just saw that movie yesterday and laughed so hard. I love when his brother, Kip, says, “You’re just jealous because I’ve been chatting online with babes all day.”

i think thats movies dumb it isnt even funny

“I’ve caught you a delcious bass…”
man that movie is great…!

i wanna see that movie now lol, you lot seem to like it.

i want to see it, ppl here dont shutup about it… :twisted:

so don’t read the topic if you dont want it ruined. IT is like the sweetest movie ever! So totally like not lame! :stuck_out_tongue:

WHAT!!! dumb are u kidding me…this is the best movie that has come out in a long time…if u dont think its funny that u are gay and do not have a sense of humor because if u did u would think this movie is the best…


Give me some of your TOTS!!!.. lol
My lips hurt real bad!!!


yea…can you bring my chapstick? no just use the nurse’s she has like 5 or six. no, im not gunna use hers you sicko

Seems like a movie that’s so stupid, it’s funny.

that is exactly right infiltrator! it has no plot, and it is so retarted that it is really funny!

lol looks like i gotta add another movie onto my gotta watch list

lol oh yea its a must see for comedy lovers…



i like the deleted scene in the department store

Pedro:It’s $12.
Pedro:Do you have a layaway program?
Slightly Effeminate Cashier Dude:We sure don’t.

and the dance scene

Same here sounds funny lol

It’s actually “la fawn duh” LOL it’s the most pointless, yet hilarious movie ever. lol
It’s really dumb the first time you watch it, but the next day when you can’t stop quoting the stupid movie lines, you HAVE to see it again. ROFL sooooo many funny parts.

a deleted scene? aww man i didn’t see it