National Champions for 06 - 07?

This is for College Football

Who do you think will win the National Championship?


Why Auburn? 'Cause I’m an Auburn fan… :wink:

USC, Florida, or Texas because they have the top 3 recruiting classes for this off-season.

My opinions of those selections…

Texas - Not a chance… They have lost their star, and there isn’t anything that can get them back to the National Championship
USC - Losing Leinart, Lendale, and Reggie in the NFL Draft! There recruiting can be good, but I doubt a team of Recruits will win the NC
Florida - All eyes will be focused on the SEC for this year. Imagine it being all up to Auburn and Florida, in the regular season, both teams undefeated, and one of the teams will leave with a lose. Well, the Auburn vs Florida game is in The Jungle (Auburn’s Stadium), which means homefield advantage. What happened to the last team that was at Auburn’s homefield? There were 10+ false starts, and 11 sacks.

MICHIGAN FTW!!! lol hopefully

I got a few teams in the ACC that I think will go for it all.

ACC? Which are they…? I don’t know of any…

Miami, Florida St, Clemson, and maybe Virginia Tech.

Ehhh… I go for the Philadelphia Flyers.

I know nuttin bout College BBALL though.

Out of those, only Florida State has a chance…