Originally created to halt soviet expansion into western europe in the aftermaths of WW2, it went through around 50 years of cold war, and on many occasions came close to melting point and a third world war. But, thankfully good clear thinking people on both sides helped the world avoid this nuclear disaster.

But, now that the USSR and warsaw pact has completely crumbled and communism suffered a swift kick in the groin, what is the point of maintaining NATO?

Russia is in no shape to annex anyone anymore, they have a difficult time maintaining what they already have. There are few actual threats to NATO anymore. The people from countries under NATO seem to hate the most powerful NATO member (USA) a great deal. And many european countries seem to do everything they can to hinder America, showing utter disdane for them.

Alternately, no one likes being undermined by the likes of france. So why bother? Why not just dissolve NATO right now? No one’s going to invade europe again for a long time. What’s the point in maintaining military bases in countries that won’t cooperate with them?

Because the american leaders are ignorant people. They think that if we have military bases every where, we will keep a strong foot in the door of that country. What they don’t realise is that they have no say in anything there and they are just giving the U.S. more enemies.

The real problem is china, they hate us and because of all the jobs going overseas to them they can ultimately control our economy

As long as the US is around and continues the image we have today (anti-nuclear), NATO is here to stay.

If the countries that have military bases in them won’t even cooperate, then just pull the soldiers out I say. It’s a waste of money to try to maintain those bases. China is predicted to be the next super-power, so the USA should probably try to improve relations. Also, many jobs are being outsourced (I think that’s the word) to India as well. I know that Chinese people have a strong work ethic and don’t take many things for granted.

Its not that they have a strong work ethic, its just they cant get any better so they take what they can

No stinkin way we should ‘improve relations’, we should completely pull out and set it up so that we stay in power, no friggen way china is gonna b a super power if they dont control us and we have 20 nukes pointin their way

Lol, it is a waste of money to continue to stay in places like Iraq. They continually cause casualties in U.S. military forces. Also, even 1 casualty means 1 whole family will be mourning a loss. I believe that that casualty count has gone over 1,000 in Iraq. It is a waste of money to stay there.

I agree with you in part, i believe that we should make them do it themselves, so they get a feeling of self accomplishment, something to be proud of.

However, the war was for a decent reason and do you know that in all recorded wars this has had the least casualties?!?

I am pretty sure the Cold War had the least number of casualties, considering there was no real fighting going on. If you think about it, the U.S. most likely has like 10 nukes locked on to every country in the world. Knowing the U.S., I am pretty sure they do. The U.S. has been the only world super power since the fall of the Soviet Union and everyone in the world knows that. Congress isn’t going to allow anyone else to get up top with the U.S. so they probably have something planned for China already.

Technically the cold war was never really a war, it was a period of time in which 2 countries had very hard feelings towards eachother in short lol

And yes, they better have something in for china, thats their job

As for Russia’s eventual inclusion into the organization, it will be interesting to see what path successive Russian politicians take. Since it’s inception the Russian Federation has become more closely tied to the west than ever before in it’s history, no doubt Russia would welcome the chance to become a full-fledged member (Russian envoys already attend meetings), and I’m sure the Atlantic would love to enjoy even cozier relations with the world’s most resource-rich nation.

There remains however, the question of Russia’s involvement in another international alliance, it will to see which one the Russians commit to in the future.

What is that organization? The SCO, also known as the “Shanghai Six” its members include Russia, the PRC, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Though the small “stan” republics are hardly world powers, any military organization featuring both the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China is worth taking a look at. India has expressed interest in membership as well, were it to join the SCO would include the three most powerful nations in asia, something that NATO would be wise to take notice of.

I’m not suggesting that the SCO has replaced the Warsaw Pact as Nato’s adversary, just that it’s existence may provide even more incentive for NATO’s own existence.

Well, isn’t the U.S’s relations with China good? Anyways, I agree with Duke. The SCO has both Russia and China as members, however, Russia has recently been hit with terrorist attacks, so they might be focused on terrorism nowadays.

The war in Iraq was for a good cause, but everyday soldiers are dying in Iraq. Terrorism is hard to fight though because it’s not a country that you can hit with nukes, but the terrorists are hiding in various areas and in cities so you can’t just nuke the whole area because then you’ll probably be killing civilians in the process.

Im not even entirely sure that this NATO business is completely good for the U.S. mainly only the other countries get anything at all. The other countries in NATO get the protection of the U.S. Superiority when it comes to military. The other countries also get to absorb alot of the jobs and business opportunities for normal americans. Not to mention all the rules and regulations they get to talk about to ensure that the U.S. doesnt get too smart and strong…

In my opinion the U.S. should drop all foreign aide except for england, i mean for petes sake! they are the only stinkin ones who dont complain! With the other countries all it ever is, is more more more, and then the Media so grasciously reports it back to us to make it seem like were barely giving anything. Do you know that in the overall scheme of things, the U.S. gives over 30% of all foreign aide of any kind to anyone? That totals to trillions upon trillions of dollars, and remember, Bill gates is the richest man in the world, and he has what? 6 billion? thats about a 6 thousandths of what the U.S. gives to other countries per year, its just disgusting, and the fact that they still complain afterwards…

I thought Bill Gates had like 20+ billion. The U.S. probably shouldn’t be giving money to other countries unless it’s a major need because the U.S. national debt is in the trillions!

exactly my point, and no, gates got sued or however you spell it (soo-d) for like 6-10 bil for trying to monopolize

Ouch, who did he get sued by? The government? 6-10 billion lost, wow. Well, Bill Gates is probably happy with the money halo and halo 2 made. As well as the profits from x-box.

dude, as long as he still has micro soft and 10 mil, he is set for life lol

Lol, if he decided to sell Microsoft, not saying that he will, but how much money do you think he would get? Billions or millions?

Lol what are you talking about, if he sold microsoft it would be for 100billions if not trillions, a mass of other business enterprisers would buy it, not one alone

The U.S. probably shouldn’t be giving money to other countries unless it’s a major need because the U.S. national debt is in the trillions!

Most of this debt is owed to us by Brazil, France, and privately owned firms/banks from around the country and the world. The government is in debt to itself, while the other countries, banks, etc are indebted to the government.