Need a bit of help

My long term aim is to get 99 magic so i am going to cut and 5k yews which i will sell for 1.5 mill (:D). then i will buy 50k airs at 20 each for 1 mill and then buy 25k minds for 500k and do 25k fire strikes.
are these the best runes to train with?
What would this get my magic to?

Use fire bolt instead.

No, its more expensive. I use fire strike on the lesser demon in the wizards tower. Good exp, if a bit slow.

It will be slow, but it might work.

if u want to loose money…
buy nats and yew longs, vallah alche ur heart out…

unfortunately i am not a member.

wel thats a good idea if you want hp lvls but if not jsut telle train

so what is better fire strike or fire bolt to train with?

fire bolt is faster…

if you are gonne cut yews take a kitten along if you member that 100 deaths if its a cat

Fire bolt is faster, fire strike is cheaper, but slower.

which one is better for exp coz i don’t care about how long it takes i just want MORE lvls really i want to know what i need to get from 60 to ------> to 70 !