Need a great pking team

i am looking 4 a lvl 43-45 pking team. i am mainly lookin for a mage who casts fire blast, a ranger with tonnes of steel arrows of lvl 40 rangin and a warrior with rune full and a rune scimmy or baxe. 1 person will need 2 supply lobbies or swordies pl reply thanks bye :stuck_out_tongue:

yo, i guess now dat ur trying to get ur own gang u wont want a spot in the dark alegance :evil: so have fun gettin recruits :!: :!: :!: catch ya

well i thought u said u wernt goin let me in any way . catch ya l8ter man :twisted:

im a lvl 52 but i have all fighting stats past 40 not including magic and
prayer (att str def an range)

yes benjamin u may join, i will let u know when we go pking :roll:

i would like to go on this little trip

my att str and def are all over 45

i can also provide some lobbies but i can cook them (burn)

runescape name: scar blader

Yes any1 can join pm me on the game i am on now